Sunday, March 21, 2010

a late night sandwich dinner

So I'm a college student. And that brings up a lot of connotations. Late-night frat parties. Staying up till five in the morning. While doing work or while playing games. Or while watching thirty-two episodes of your latest tear-jerking drama obsession.

But food? Stinky old cafeteria food, bloated with fats and preservatives. Stocking up on potato chips and canned tomato soup when a snow storm prevents all type of transportation out and all food supplies from coming in. I have to admit, I do have friends who rebel – double majoring while sleeping at midnight on most nights and cooking home meals in between. Eating out when they have to, but never submitting to the campus food plan (and a horrible one we have at that).

Unfortunately, I'm not them. I do own a tiny campus food plan and while I try my best to make as much of my food by myself. Sometimes, I'm grabbing a pre-made and packaged roast beef sandwich on the go between class to class. (Though this is how I discovered my love for roast beef and horseradish. Yum.)

So yea, my week long and a half hiatus? It's partly from too much work. When I started this blog I was in Spring Break. I happily posted two photos of food I made myself. I also wanted to post this nikujaga meal and applie pie that I had made with friends, but I don't have those photos on my camera. (Dangit, upload your photos!) But after Spring Break was over. Cooking? What?

Yesterday, I finally succumbed. I want real food. At the same time it was 3am and the only meat I had was roast beef and prosciutto. I had a bag of spinach quietly wilting in the corner. (Feeding for one person means so much wasted food...) I still had sliced bread that I bought two weeks ago.

So I made a sandwich.

Mushroom, egg, and spinach sandwich with or without roast beef

Prep time 5-8 minutes (depending on if you're using beef)
Cook time 10 minutes
Makes 1 delicious sandwich

Wait what? Mushroom and egg? Yes, mushroom and egg. For those who never tried it, I suggest you try the combination by itself – maybe on an open-faced sandwich like the wonderful girls from The Flexitarian Cookbook suggested I do. I made a mistake and used pure prepared horseradish in this sandwich. (My stupidity for not realizing the little packets of "horseradish" sauce was actually mostly mayo.) So I've changed that in my recipe. It's still a great sandwich.

2 slices of bread
1 tablespoon of butter
1/2 a shallot sliced
2 crimini mushrooms sliced
1 egg
pepper & salt
1 handful of spinach leaves
2 slices of roast beef & horseradish sauce* (optional)

Toast the bread. Either in the toaster or the way I prefer – in a pan with butter. Toast only one side of each piece of bread.

Caramelized onions & mushrooms. Toss your onion into the pan with more butter and saute until the onions smell fragrant. Add in your mushrooms and stir until everything is caramel-brown-tinted and delicious looking.

Over-easy egg. Set aside the onions and mushrooms on a toasted side of a piece of bread. Crack an egg into a bowl and slide it into the pan. Cook until the underside turns opaque white. Flip the egg and cook for another minute or two. Pepper and salt to your preference. I prefer my eggs a little runny. But feel free to cook your egg a little longer. Place the egg on top of your mushrooms and onion.

Beef for the meat eaters. If you'd like warm up two slices of roast beef on the pan as well. Dump that on your growing little sack of food. Spread on the horseradish sauce onto your beef.

Spinach and re-toast. Take your handful of spinach and put that on top and smoosh the other slice of bread down toasted-side first. Put your whole sandwich on the pan (with more butter) and toast both of the untoasted sides of the bread while pressing down with your spatula. This makes for a perfectly warm, toasty sandwich <3

Horseradish sauce

1 teaspoon of prepared horseradish
1 tablespoon of mayo
1 teaspoon of lemon juice
1/2 teaspoon of honey mustard

Probably makes more than is needed for the sandwich. I'd mix them all together until they are the same color and use a dollop on my roast beef.

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